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Looking to Board your Dog at a Fun Place for Vacation? Look no Further!

Treat your dog to a fun, creative and active day at our camp and bring home a happy and pooped pooch! While your pup is with us, they’ll experience all-day play that emphasizes enrichment. Mental stimulation is key for healthy and happy dog. We will ensure that our guests are continuously exposed to new activities that will enrich their day care experience.
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What’s Included with Your Overnight Dog Boarding Stay?

Dog Daycare

Our boarding rooms are spacious with 24h surveillance. All the boarding dogs will participate in our daycare activities and events during their stay. Free exit bath is also provided at check out for stays longer than 10 days. At Pet Fun Park, there is no reason to be nervous about boarding your furry friend. Our guests will be fully entertained from dusk till dawn. At Pet Fun Park, there is no reason to be nervous about boarding your furry friend. Our guests will be fully entertained from dusk till dawn. At our facility, you can always expect clean and comfortable experience and the best quality of care and love.

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Boarding Requirements

We do encourage you to bring your pup to our facilities for a daycare prior to an overnight stay– two days of day care is generally ideal – to allow your furry friend to get used to the amenities, people and have an overall better staycation. We require all vaccinations (Rabies & DHPPi/Lepto) to be done along with Kennel Cough. Fleas/Ticks treatment & Deworming is also required for both daycare and boarding services.

You are also encouraged to bring any bedding that will make your pup feel at home and we will administer it when needed. (Please remember that your pup may damage the bedding due to missing their lovely family – hence we can’t guarantee to return it in the same condition).

We also require each owner to provide us with sufficient food for their pups stay – as every pup is different and adjusting to a new environment and food is not ideal.


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We have wide variety of items available for your pets ranging from toys to food such as Royal Canine & Taste of the Wild!


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Pet Fun Park provides services for dog daycare, boarding and pet grooming. Feel free to call us or chat with us on WhatsApp if you have any query.

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